Cabins by design specialise in plans and designs from 8m² to 80m².
Typically our buildings fall into four categories:

Cabins under 10m²
Generally single room sleepouts, not requiring Building Consent.

Cabins over 10m²
Generally single or multi-room designs having an ensuite or bathroom but without a kitchen.
These require a Building Consent.

Grannyflats and Baches
Any design having full services and kitchen.
These are considered dwellings and require Building Consent.
Generally if they are under 60m² they are considered Minor Dwellings and may be about to be build as a GrannyFlat on a site with existing house.

Breezway Cabins
These are multiple living areas connected by a common roof, and deck/patio area.
If the conbined footprint is over 10m² it will require Building Consent.


Cabins under 10m²

There is a rangle of floor sizes for both single storey and loft cabins.

Example Plans under 10m²
Cabin Styles under 10m²
Request an under 10m² Custom Design

Cabins over 10m²


These can be designed in a range of styles up to 80m².

Example Plans over 10m²
Cabin Styles over 10m²
Request an over 10m² Custom Design

Grannyflats and Baches 20m² to 80m²


These can be designed in a range of styles up to 80m².

Example Grannyflat/Bach Plans
Grannyflat, Bach Styles
Request a Grannyflat/Bach Custom Design

Breezeway Cabins size as required
breezeway gs

A Breezeway design can utilise any two cabin sizes joined by a common roof.

Request a Breezway Design

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